Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct illustrates the moral and ethical standards and policies for Tormundsen IT. It is the informal norms which have the purpose to protect the business, and inform all relevant parties of Tormundsen IT’s expectations.

One should treat others in the same manner that one expect to be treated

  • One should be able to distinguish between business and private life.
  • One should be honest and righteous.
  • One should concentrate ones efforts on collaboration rather than competition in general.
  • One should relate to openness while conducting business.
  • One should always address people with dignity.
  • One should plan for several potential outcomes.
  • One should only invest as much as one can afford to win or loose.
  • One should only take on as much responsibility that one are able to manage.
  • One should consolidate with relevant people if one are in doubt.
  • One should keep continuity and sustainability in mind, in the now, and for the time that comes.
  • One should keep record of ones history for retrospective analysis in order to evolve.
  • One should behave rational, operational, and strategic at all times.
  • One should take ones time to think before one acts.
  • All for one, by one and for all.

Tormundsen IT is concentrated on professionals and private clients, working in an angle by the IT consultancy. Diversity is one of Tormundsen IT’s greatest features, and can contain several ways in communication by translating explicit technical details to normal language. By so, Tormundsen IT have a few ground rules that is asked for people to keep in mind. The list should be righteous for most, and a guideline to make it easier to be excellent with each other.

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