Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Tormundsen IT is currently acquiring information by the use of this website, including network traffic and IP addresses. Third party companies in relation to Tormundsen IT (such as web-hosts and security organizations) collects information about network traffic, usage, and also browsing history and cookies as well. Tormundsen IT is keeping records of business processes and information generated by people working with or in relations to Tormundsen IT. This includes chat logs and communication, information from forums, and documentation in general. Tormundsen IT also keep record of market analysis, by cataloging information about companies, and people in business relevant for IT. Information about this is provided on request. Tormundsen IT is also in compliance with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). EU-direktiv 2006/24/EF.

User Registrations and Memberships

Tormundsen IT will acquire person information in form of membership registration. Text is to be continued…

Encryption and Communication

GNU Privacy Guard Protection is utilized by Tormundsen IT in order to protect clients information as well as Tormundsen IT’s intellectual property. That includes encrypt files including email and stored documentation. Encrypted channels is also often used in communication in general.

For further details check the security domain at